Edward III and two comparisons

695 years ago today, Edward III became King of England at the age of fourteen and was crowned a week later. His father was definitely alive for almost another eight months and probably several more years. His mother, Isabella of France is regularly described by some writers as having a relationship with Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March, although the evidence for this is scant. Nevertheless, Mortimer was highly influential until Edward ordered his arrest and execution in 1330.

The two comparable monarchs are:
1) James IV was also fourteen when he succeeded to the Scottish throne following a rebellion that concluded at Sauchieburn, where his father James III was killed. He was crowned thirteen days later, having actively participated in the revolt and accelerating his succession.
2) Victoria, succeeded at eighteen years and four weeks, thereby avoiding an official regency. Her widowed mother, Victoria Duchess of Kent, however, sought to control her life until her marriage in January 1840, with the assistance of Sir John Conroy, her comptroller. Again, there were rumours that Sir John was the Duchess’s lover, although they also seem to be unfounded.


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  1. William IV was desperate to stay alive long enough so Victoria would come to the throne as an adult and her mother could not get her hands on a regency.

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