Edward III reigned for 406 years….!


While searching for information about the above house in Dartford, Kent, I ended up at this link. Oh dear, I know Edward III reigned a long time, but not THIS long!

“….In the reign of Edward II (1307–1327) the manor was owned by Thomas de Luda. Towards the end of the reign of Edward III (1327–1733) it had passed to John Horsman, and it is likely that he built a large new dwelling. It is after this building that the manor gained its name….”

406 years????? Edward must have been a very, very, very frail old boy when he eventually turned up his creaking toes. But at least his longevity will have spared us the House of Tudor! Well, it would have negated the House of York too, of course, which isn’t so good.

Oh, and if you should be wondering about Horsman’s House, go to this link.



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