Royal burial places

Elizabeth I lies in Westminster Abbey PETER MACDIARMID/GETTY IMAGES

This post in the Times details the final resting place of every English and then British monarch since 1066, although Harold II (probably Waltham Abbey) is omitted. Note from the interactive map that there are four (plus the Empress Matilda) burials in France and one in Germany. There are none in Scotland, Wales, Ireland or the north with only Richard III in the midlands and, two (John and Edward II) in the west and three south of London, although no monarch had died in Scotland since 1542 until recently.

Sadly, the list still attributes Edward V to Westminster Abbey but there is now evidence that is very likely to point away from that.


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  1. we waited HOW long for Richard’s burial to be corrected and recognized properly and honorably? We can give Edward V/ John Evans a bit longer for the same, yes?

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