Boris and the haunted village: no not THAT Boris, I mean Boris Karloff….!

In my internet exertions trying to trace the origin of and more details about a certain Joan Bramshott, daughter of Sir Roger Bramshott and widow of Sir John Shardelowe of Fulbourn in Cambridge, I learned her family originated from Bramshott in Hampshire. This site popped up. The most haunted village? Well, I won’t argue, becuse my village certainly makes no such claim!

Apparently Boris Karloff moved to Bramshoot because of its reputation for paranormal goings-on. So it must indeed be haunted.

One thing’s certain, if they used the hanging oak AFTER the Black Death, they’ll have been reducing still further the already decimated workforce!

In the meantime I’ll continue to seek all the nitty gritty about Joan Bramshott. If there is any. I know she became a vowess on the death of her Shardelowe husband, and I even have a transcript of the vow-taking before the Bishop of Norwich, but that’s about all I can find. Oh well, onward and upward….


  1. I thought about Boris Godunov (1552-1605). Because alternative historians write about him roughly as about Richard III. The rightful king, betrayed by former associates for the sake of a new unworthy dynasty. The main charge is infanticide (of the young prince) ☺

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