A strange way of hinting that Richard murdered his nephews….



taken from the article mentioned below

I found this article to be rather awkward to read, due to the layout, so have extracted the part that will concern Ricardians, i.e. the ‘ghosts’ of the boys in the Tower. It’s nothing new, but I thought you might be interested.

“….Prince Edward V and Prince Richard, Duke of York, just 12 and 9 years old, were taken to the Tower of London in 1483 because King Richard III did not want his nephews to usurp him as king. ‘No one really knows what became of them, although some believe they were likely killed. Their apparitions can be spotted staring from the windows of the ghostly tower.’ According to Haunted Places in the World, ‘the princes have been spotted in the Bloody Tower wearing white nightgowns and holding hands. They never make a sound and can only be seen for a few fleeting moments before they fade into the stonework.’…”

Well as we all know, if the boys were indeed murdered in the Tower, it wasn’t Richard wot dunnit! I can think of other prime candidates, not least the usurper Henry and his mother! But the author of the article can’t resist pointing at Richard, who ‘did not want his nephews to usurp him as king’. That’s a strange way of wording it, to be sure.

This extract is obviously only part of the article. There are other ‘ghosts’ who get a mention too, so read on….


  1. If there are any ghosts in the Tower I would think that they are from the Tudor era. Ah well Mummy dearest and her lovely son could have murdered the Princes!!

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    1. when you have nothing else to do, sometime, check wikipedia, pop in “Tudor executions” – it runs, if you wish to scroll through the list – something like 250+ pages…. in the male line the Tudors barely made it 70 years, add in Eliz I and its 118 exciting years whereby their own innate infertility was matched only by a desire to exterminate every last drop of Yorkist DNA and left no one to take the throne, so of course, it was handed off to the Scots. (Yes, of course, Margaret Tudor, 1489-1541, is in the bloodline, but its as much Yorkist as it is Beaufort/Tudor – ask Edward I what he would have said about all this.)

      And the Tower, under the Tudors, became the “Bloody Tower” – not before. Why hasn’t anyone in the massively monetized industry of all-things-Tudor come up with a Trivial Pursuit game for them??

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