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A historian fisks “The Outlaw King”.

In this article, Fiona Watson discusses the main points and the errata in the series The Outlaw King, about Robert I’s accession and reign. It deals with issues such as Robert I’s lineage, Wallace’s execution, the killing of Comyn and his encounter with Edward II at Bannockburn, although the latter wasn’t active at Loudoun Hill in early 1307, as the programme states.

At least, as she concludes, it is more accurate than Braveheart.

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4 thoughts on “A historian fisks “The Outlaw King”.

  1. “More accurate than Braveheart,” that’s a low bar! 😄

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  2. Nell Corkin on said:

    Not that it takes a lot to be more accurate than Braveheart.

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  3. sighthound6 on said:

    Blimy, Disney’s Robin Hood with the animals was more accurate than Braveheart!


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