Joan of Arc trained in Scotland….?


“…an illiterate shepherdess girl who claimed that voices from God were instructing her to take charge of her nation’s army and lead it to victory…Legend states that Joan came to Scotland to be trained in the art of warfare in a remote stretch of Argyll…”

The above is taken from this lengthy and informative article about Joan of Arc. The Scots, of course, were always ready to help anyone who was opposed to the English, so I am quite prepared to believe they welcomed Joan in this way. She apparently “hand selected Scottish bodyguards from the Stuart, Kennedy and Hay Clans, [and] in 1429 [Joan] asked Hamish Power, (French name: Heuves Polnoir), a Scotsman living in Tours, France, to design her standard. and pennon.” More, “The Scots wore the Fleur-de-Lys on their left breast to show their allegiance to France.”

So I think we can take Scottish collaboration with the French as a done deal.

The article also deals a great deal with the Templars, superstition, the Church, roosters (national symbol of France) that still roam free, signs in the sky and so on. There is too much to comment on here, so better you read it all for yourselves. And draw your own conclusions.

Joan of Arc's battle standard


  1. Gosh, that’s some article! I started reading thinking I’d learn a bit more about Joan of Arc, but the article branches off in so many directions, it was difficult to keep up. I have to admit to finding some of it hard to follow, apart from the spelling and punctuation errors, there is a lot of trying to make all things fit together to make some kind of whole. I’m not sure that was achieved. The article isn’t really about Joan of Arc, it’s much, much more than that, and I found it too much of a mish-mash to glean anything lasting from it. Sorry, but it’s not for me!


  2. Joan was actually, truly an illiterate peasant girl (although she eventually learned to spell and write her name “Jehanne”) who also happened to be a military genius. She also knew how to handle herself in front of an ecclesiastical court with grace and common sense. That she ever left France for Scotland is complete fantasy. Why Joan inspires so much nonsense is beyond me.


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