The amazing bells of England….

  “….Then came the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1509 [???!] as a result of the feud between King Henry [VIII] and The Pope. In his rage he [Henry] vandalised all the external fabric and internal property but he stopped short of the bells as he was aware of their potency with the people. Instead… Continue reading The amazing bells of England….

When Robert Curthose Sat On The Throne

It is perhaps not a well-known fact that during World War II, many priceless historical treasures were crated up and shipped out of London for safe storage. At least, I wasn’t particularly aware of something that now makes perfect sense. I found out about this whilst visiting Gloucester Cathedral and touring the amazing crypt beneath… Continue reading When Robert Curthose Sat On The Throne

The hero of Mortimer’s Cross and his family

Sir Richard Croft was Owain Glyn Dwr’s great-grandson and the battle was essentially fought on his land. The Crofts have remained an important family ever since, through Elizabeth I’s reign, the Civil War, the Regency and the Second World War, in several capacities, as you can see: Crofts The compiler of this genealogy can confirm… Continue reading The hero of Mortimer’s Cross and his family