Piracy, then and now

It has been brought to our attention that a website, probably based in Eastern Europe, has uploaded several hundred recently published history books and made them available without charge or password, ostensibly as an educational project. Whilst we won’t mention the site in question, to avoid encouraging them, here is a reminder of the typical… Continue reading Piracy, then and now

Elizabeth of York – her privy purse expenses

Updated post @ sparkypus.com A Medieval Potpourri https://sparkypus.com/2020/05/14/elizabeth-of-york-her-privy-purse-expenses/ Henry Vll and his children in mourning for Elizabeth of York.  An idealised presentation of Henry.    His children ,  Margaret and Mary  sitting in front of the fire while a young Henry weeps into his mother’s empty bed.  From the Vaux Passional, a 15th century manuscript. And so… Continue reading Elizabeth of York – her privy purse expenses