Richard’s Boar in Lego

Following the success of the Easter Lego event in 2018, when the most famous portrait of King Richard III, the National Portrait Gallery one, was recreated using Lego bricks, Fairy Bricks were back in Leicester this Easter to build another Richard III-themed mosaic at the Richard III Visitor Centre. This year members of the public… Continue reading Richard’s Boar in Lego

A High Court privacy battle, but the Tate Modern’s extension still wins top award….

“The controversial Tate Modern extension has been named one of the buildings of the year by the Royal Institute of British Architects, despite the design provoking a High Court privacy battle.” Hm, Richard’s centre in Leicester is another winner of this RIBA award—I wonder if his privacy could have been contested in the High court?… Continue reading A High Court privacy battle, but the Tate Modern’s extension still wins top award….

Richard carved in sand…. Watch time-lapse footage of Richard III sand sculpture being modelled in Leicester’ A time-lapse video showing the creation of a sand sculpture depicting the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 has been captured by the University of Leicester. 80 tonnes of sand were transformed into four giant sculptures by award-winning artists who were asked to… Continue reading Richard carved in sand….

Some refreshing omissions . . . .

This is another review of the Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester, and is refreshing because the only criticism is about the coffee! (About which I cannot comment.)  Nor are there are any of the usual orchestrated Tudor lies about Richard. Not one of the wearisome old chestnuts makes an appearance, even the ‘princes’ in the Tower.… Continue reading Some refreshing omissions . . . .