Recently it was reported that a secret staircase some 600 years old was unearthed at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire. Immediately the reporter leapt on the idea that  ‘Maybe Henry VIII walked down these stairs?!’ as if  that ultimately was the most exciting thing about the new discovery. (Why, why, why, are there so many newspapers… Continue reading SECRET STAIRS OF TUTBURY

The sexual exploits of the Tudors….

“….history buffs are set for a ‘rip-roaring tumble’ through the sexual exploits of Britain’s most infamous royal family. “The sexual exploits of the Tudors will be exposed at a special buffet and lecture, which will take guests back in time to hear about the sex lives of the English and Welsh during their reign. “The… Continue reading The sexual exploits of the Tudors….

Talbot Country

There is a pub in Bridgnorth, near where I live. Well, let’s be honest, there’s about a hundred. If you have ever been to Bridgnorth, aside from the Severn Valley Railway, the funicular railway from Low Town to High Town and the remains of the slighted castle, which lean at a greater angle than the… Continue reading Talbot Country

Mysteries of the ‘Royal Floor’ at Tutbury Castle….

Tutbury Castle is being investigated by a team of young people from the Prince’s Trust, who have exposed a 17th-century floor. But Tutbury’s earlier history is mentioned, including Richard III’s 3-day visit from 22nd-26th October 1484. It is believed he went there to inspect building work, upon which £919 had been spent. I hope they’d spent it… Continue reading Mysteries of the ‘Royal Floor’ at Tutbury Castle….

Tutbury Castle and its Yorkist Connections

Recently, it was announced that Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire discovered a connection to King Richard III – he stayed at the castle for five days – and it will be revising its guidebooks and signage to include this bit of information. Had they read Rhoda Edwards’ The Itinerary of King Richard III 1483-85, they… Continue reading Tutbury Castle and its Yorkist Connections