A Cairo dweller Troll on Quora

I sometimes go on Quora to give answers to various questions, usually about Richard, and occasionally I get drawn into arguments with those who are entrenched in the belief that Richard was a usurping, chid-murdering hunchback. I can easily argue against these and, as an osteopath, I can state with authority that he wasn’t a… Continue reading A Cairo dweller Troll on Quora

Heading for a new record?

This is Richard Dunne, the player who has scored the most top flight own goals (ten in twenty seasons) since the beginning of the Premier League. “David” is already challenging that total in a shorter time frame. Here are some of his career highlights: 1) Claiming that “Perkin” confessed his imposture to a Scottish Bishop, many… Continue reading Heading for a new record?


  Cat trolls are credited for being  wiser than human trolls, who are well known for being  wotless, boring and prone to making gaffes… A group of cats, known as a moggle, have been discovered by their incredulous owners, to have been routinely trolling.  Not only that but the surprised owners discovered that the felines… Continue reading BREAKING NEWS! TROLL CATS DEMONSTRATE TO THEIR HUMAN COUNTERPARTS HOW ITS DONE.

Henry the “Lancastrian”? Another own goal

You may have read here, here, here or even here about the regular own goals of a certain “Tudor”-ist troll. Anyway, given the fact that Henry VII, whether Tudor, Beaufort or Swynford, is not descended from Blanche, Duchess of Lancaster in suo jure but from her husband’s mistress and later wife, Katherine de Roet, he… Continue reading Henry the “Lancastrian”? Another own goal

Edward IV and why I feel a song coming on

One of Cairo’s biggest trolls claimed, last week, that the Fourth Lateran Council banned secret weddings, thus Edward IV’s June 1461 marriage to the dark-haired, older, Lancastrian widow Lady Eleanor Talbot could not have been valid. There are only two problems with this claim, from the clown who confused “June” with “youth”, had Katherine de… Continue reading Edward IV and why I feel a song coming on

Here it is, in black and white …

Many of you will remember this post from before Christmas, about the “Lincoln Roll”, supposedly compiled for the Earl of Lincoln but clearly updated at least twenty-six years after his death, to cover his brother’s execution: http://www.johnashdownhill.com/johns-blog/2015/12/21/the-henry-tudor-society-death-certificates In it, you will note that Dr. Ashdown-Hill corrects a troll, who claimed that it showed Edward IV’s… Continue reading Here it is, in black and white …

Let’s all sneer at fiction writers….

It’s time to get up on my hind legs and have a loud bleat about something that is beginning to get my goat. That ‘something’ seems to have become the new ‘must do’. What is it? The sneering and display of often pathetic pseudo-intellectual superiority that is constantly directed at Ricardian fiction. Snide remarks and… Continue reading Let’s all sneer at fiction writers….

The case of the time-travelling Bishop

Following our recent post https://murreyandblue.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/what-perkin-actually-said/, the eternal troll duRose has assured us that Francis Bacon and John (The Colourblind Cartographer) Speede didn’t actually invent “Perkin”‘s specific accusation against Richard III. No, we are assured that much of Bacon’s manuscript came from John Leslie, Bishop of Ross, who actually lived from 1527-96, whilst “Perkin” was executed… Continue reading The case of the time-travelling Bishop

One troll in particular

How “hard of understanding” are the denialists? We ask this because David Durose is displaying even more symptoms of the Cairo Syndrome. He repeats many of his claims in the teeth of the evidence and makes more, unsupported, claims.  The “Lincoln Roll” cannot have pertained to the younger John de la Pole, Earl thereof, if… Continue reading One troll in particular