A pleasant surprise

In recent years, Dan Jones’ posing and fanciful Crimewatch-style re-enactments, together with Starkeyesque conclusions formed before he started, has marred quite a few series on mediaeval history. Now he seems to have changed tack completely with this series, covering canal building from the middle of the eighteenth century and – yes – I rather enjoyed… Continue reading A pleasant surprise

Another Leicestershire transport pioneer

Here, we showed how the hansom cab was patented in 1834 by a Hinckley man. Just seven years later, a Market Harborough resident was transporting Temperance Society colleagues the short distance from Leicester (Campbell Street) to Loughborough. Campbell Street station no longer remains but Thomas Cook (left) now stands at the entrance of London Road station, where… Continue reading Another Leicestershire transport pioneer

Richard III and a hansom cab….?

The following is taken from the site to which there is a link below. I am posting it because among the exhibits will be items concerning Richard III and Bosworth:- The iconic Hansom Cab will return to its ‘hometown’ as part of the National Heritage Open Days celebration. The two-passenger horse-drawn carriage will be back… Continue reading Richard III and a hansom cab….?