Wot? No throne for Richard….?????

Oh, Leicester, Leicester, thou risketh some right royal wrath! Yes, by all means celebrate the home at Christmas by displaying a cosy John Lewis living room…but you’ve omitted a throne for You Know Who. The cathedral that has the inestimable honour of King Richard III beneath its hallowed roof—has actually forgotten him! Forgotten your most famous guest.… Continue reading Wot? No throne for Richard….?????

Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge and its Royal Patrons

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? ? ? In the very heart of historic Cambridge, stands a tall and elegant late Perpendicular Gothic church, sandwiched between the colleges and market square. The church of St Mary the Virgin has stood on the site since 1205; the first recorded rector being Thomas de Chiveley who was…

More at Leicester Cathedral for the architects of Richard’s tomb….

The architects who were responsible for the design of Richard’s tomb in Leicester Cathedral have now won another contract there. The first link is from their website, and shows how they designed and developed Richard’s last resting place. The second link is about their new contract. http://www.vhh.co.uk/our-work/leicester http://www.architectsdatafile.co.uk/news/van-heyningen-and-haward-architects-wins-new-leicester-cathedral-appointment/