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Where did the Tudors come from….?


For those of us who may wish to know where the name Tudor comes from, here’s a thorough explanation.


Yet another tiresome jab at Richard….

Here’s one to avoid, I think. The picture with the Times Literary Supplement review is the Delaroche daub of the two golden-haired little angels cowering on their bed in dread of Wicked Uncle Richard’s murderous intentions. Natch. Such an appealing little scene, is it not? Why are so many people utterly determined to pin such crimes on Richard? As for him being a bad king…! That is such a preposterously incorrect judgement that it’s almost laughable.
This sort of book only hardens my resolve to support Richard, and I’m sure it will have the same effect on everyone else of an enlightened frame of mind. Onward and upward, my friends. We’ll vindicate our king in the end!
So I’ve posted this with a shamelessly Arthurian view of Richard. Sir Galahad at the very least. Here’s one in the eye for Mr Horspool!

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