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The King In The Lab – The Unsanitary Lifestyle Of Richard III


Today’s blog focuses on another widely-reported discovery from Richard III’s skeletal remains: the presence of roundworms in his gravesite and the scientific theory that he suffered from an intestinal infection prior to death. We’ve previously reported on how the scoliosis of his spine was literally twisted out of proportion by mass media and some historians to arrive at dubious conclusions, so it would seem a worthy endeavor to take a closer look at this issue to see if a similar dynamic is playing out, and whether certain myths and misconceptions are being created even as others have been solidly debunked.

A quick internet search for the topic of Richard III and roundworms immediately leads to headlines and stories suggesting that the king’s body was “riddled” and “crawling” with parasites, that his infection produced symptoms that limited him physically and mentally, and that his lifestyle was dissolute with luxuries yet simultaneously…

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Just in case you still aren’t sure ……..

……. the exact details of Richard’s scoliosis have now been published in a Lancet paper:

So to any US broadcasters with models that look more like Crick and Watson’s double helix, or anyone who believes them, here are the incontrovertible facts: “The scoliosis of Richard III, last Plantagenet King of England: diagnosis and clinical significance”.

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