A historic gem hidden in a modern exterior….

  This wonderful new “old” theatre first came to my notice when it featured on BBC 24-hr News, so I hurried to learn more, which I found here. We all know about the Globe Theatre in London, but this reproduction of a 16th-century (the above article says 17th century) theatre is in Prescot, Liverpool. The… Continue reading A historic gem hidden in a modern exterior….

Walking “Tudor” England

Suzannah Lipscomb has just completed another series on Channel Five, this time visiting the sites related to the “Tudors”. In the first episode, she concentrated on Henry VIII and the naval power he inherited from John Howard, Duke of Norfolk. The second was principally about the penultimate “Tudor”, Mary I, as well as Edward VI… Continue reading Walking “Tudor” England

London’s first playhouse rediscovered….?

Well, it just goes to show that although the past may now be buried far underground, now and then it still comes to light to thrill us all. Now it seems they’ve discovered the site of the Red Lion, “the earliest known attempt to build a playhouse in the Tudor era, a precursor to the… Continue reading London’s first playhouse rediscovered….?

How should we consider Edward II’s private life….?

I never really know quite what to say when it comes to the private life of Edward II. I know he is generally regarded as being homosexual, but what we consider to be that now may not be quite the same as what was believed in the late 13th – early 14th century. Edward has… Continue reading How should we consider Edward II’s private life….?