More news on King John’s treasure

Here is a report from the Newark Advertiser about the baggage train lost near The Wash at the end of the king‘s life. Raymond Kosschuk has now isolated a small area of Sutton Bridge and thinks that he has already found some small pieces of the treasure, as shown above. Using bespoke equipment to read… Continue reading More news on King John’s treasure

The “Devilish Dame” of Lincolnshire….

According to in the middle of the 14th century, Sir Thomas Holand of Estovening (Estoveninghall, Estovenhall) Manor in the parish of Swineshead in Lincolnshire, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Piers Tempest. Elizabeth was apparently known as the “Devilish Dame”, and the unfortunate (or exceedingly wise!) Sir Thomas spent most of his time in the… Continue reading The “Devilish Dame” of Lincolnshire….