How to cast a “Richard III”

Here is a Guardian article about Arthur Hughes, who qualifies for the role in that he is male, disabled (in a subtle way) and was only thirty when chosen by the Royal Shakespeare Company, as was Richard III in June 1483 when chosen by the Three Estates. He isn’t an octogenarian, a woman or pretending… Continue reading How to cast a “Richard III”

Richard III and Football

A few years ago, when Leicester City won the Premier League, some people connected the success to the then-recent discovery of Richard’s remains in the city. This is a fanciful idea. However, there are three major clubs that play in Richard’s colours. Aston Villa This historic club is by far the largest in the Midlands. They… Continue reading Richard III and Football

How we went around the mulberry tree….

Well now, apart from the old nursery rhyme, “Here we go round the mulberry tree”, what else do we know about the history of mulberries in England, except that the colour “murrey” is a contraction of the name? Here is a link (that contains other links) to tell you all about it, including that Shakespeare had… Continue reading How we went around the mulberry tree….

Shakespeare’s … Father

This interesting article shows how John Shakespeare, as Bailiff of Stratford-upon-Avon, was forced to paint over some mediaeval murals. As a clue to what really happened, remember that Michael Wood thinks both John and William Shakespeare to have been Catholics. Let me reassure you that Henry VIII wasn’t still King sixteen years after he died,… Continue reading Shakespeare’s … Father

Yet another Shakespearean Richard….

It seems (to me) that Richard III is practically the only Shakespeare play that can be guaranteed to be the aim of every theatre production company. Here’s another one, with the added interest of an invitation to seek the chance of joining in. Please note that it is not Stratford-upon-Avon, but one in the US, and there has… Continue reading Yet another Shakespearean Richard….