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A new statue of Richard to be considered….


It seems a new statue of Richard is being considered. I hope they decide to go ahead, and that it’s a splendid likeness. The above illustration comes from the link below, so I do not think it has any bearing on the likely appearance of the statue.

PS: I do wish the eyebrows of the above likeness were under control. As they are, they look like great hairy caterpillars that are about to hurl themselves across his nose to headbutt each other!


Henry carved in stone…


Oh, dear, In Pembroke they want a statue of Henry Tudor. The thing is, if the real man stood on a plinth, would we be able to tell he wasn’t the statue? I mean, he always looks “carved in stone” to me… Henry

There was a stone statue of Henry VII in Exeter, near Eastgate, but it seems to have been lost during the Blitz. A fibreglass version was then erected near Princesshay (top), but that was removed in 2005 and is in cold storage. Perhaps someone is trying to tell us something?:

Similarly, there is one in Hay-on-Wye, described as looking like “a ghost in a nightdress”.

What a pity statues can’t come to life….

Richard's statue 25 years ago....

No justice for Richard twenty-five years ago, when his magnificent statue got the rough treatment from louts. I’d ┬álove to think he ‘came to life’ and rammed that sword where their sun don’t shine!

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