Last year,  ancient DNA was in the headlines  when it was determined  the ‘Beaker People’ who arrived in Britain c 4500 years ago, genetically replaced 90% of the previous population. At that time, studies were saying that the ‘Steppe Ancestry’ found in these people was not found in the Beaker population of Spain, long thought… Continue reading MORE WORK ON ANCIENT DNA

From the Heart: Geoff Davidson’s “Middleham Requiem”

“Music,” according to Victor Hugo, “expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” While many profound words were spoken during the reinterment ceremonies for Richard III, one of the more memorable experiences from the week was the vast array of music interwoven with them. There were traditional hymns,… Continue reading From the Heart: Geoff Davidson’s “Middleham Requiem”