Athelstan–Our Greatest Monarch?

A recent poll searching for Britain’s ‘Greatest Monarch’, came up with the surprise winner of… drum roll, King Athelstan. Not that the Anglo-Saxon king wasn’t so great, but the winner is a little surprising since most people seem to have believed the ‘crown’ would go to Elizabeth I. (Yawn!) I hope the voters actually remembered… Continue reading Athelstan–Our Greatest Monarch?


Once upon a time, in the 13th century, in the grounds of Auckland Castle, there stood a mighty northern chapel that was almost as large as St George’s at Windsor and bigger than St Stephen’s Chapel at Westminster. The Prince-Archbishop Antony Bek was its founder, a man so powerful it was said by some that… Continue reading THE LOST CHAPEL OF THE PRINCE BISHOPS

A Scottish Crown Jewel found in Durham Cathedral?

Has the Black Rood of Scotland been hiding in plain sight, indeed? Well, David Willem think so and is speaking about it in Edinburgh on Wednesday, how Margaret of Wessex took this cross to Scotland in 1068, how Edward I removed it along with the Stone of Destiny but it was returned and relocated again,… Continue reading A Scottish Crown Jewel found in Durham Cathedral?

Durham’s Lumiere Festival–a Cathedral of Light Durham’s Lumiere festival¬† will be taking place on November 12-15. It is Britain’s largest light festival. Most impressive perhaps is the illumination of the great cathedral on its eminent position above the river, in which medieval images are projected upon the ancient stonework and towers. Durham was well-known to Richard III; he and his… Continue reading Durham’s Lumiere Festival–a Cathedral of Light

Eclipse coincidences…?

Sometimes coincidences can be really eerie, and I think the eclipses of 1485 and 2015 fall into that category, because of Anne Neville’s death during one, and because there is to be another on Friday, immediately prior to the reinterment week of Richard III.. See There are 530 years between 1485 and 2015, and… Continue reading Eclipse coincidences…?