Signs of the Times (4)

To conclude our series on royal graphology: 1.William Hastings First of all you can see that this is quite a flowing signature with a lot of nice curves, not many ‘angry’ sharp top angles to the letters. This shows he was generally an affable, non-violent person, at least while he was writing this. His middle… Continue reading Signs of the Times (4)

Signs of the Times (3)

Here is the next instalment of my handwriting series! Here I will examine a few more of the main protagonists of the Wars of the Roses and you can leave any comments or suggestions as you will. First of all, let us consider that ‘most untrue creature living’, Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. Here are… Continue reading Signs of the Times (3)

Signs of the Times (2)

As a follow-up from my previous post about Richard’s handwriting, I thought I might consider the writing of a few others of his time period. Please bear in mind again, that this is just for fun and I am not a professional handwriting analyst. Also, there are only a few examples of the handwriting of… Continue reading Signs of the Times (2)

Signs of the Times – the Handwriting of Richard III

I have recently reread an interesting book about analysing handwriting and have had fun playing about with my friends’ writing and seeing if their handwriting matches their characters; it mainly does. So, being interested in Richard III, I thought I would (just for fun) have a go at analysing his writing at different times in… Continue reading Signs of the Times – the Handwriting of Richard III