Richard’s last Easter in 1485….

  Easter is here again, and in these modern times it is only too often thought of as a time of pretty bunnies, fluffy chicks, chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and the joys of spring. But in the past it was a very different occasion, for it was the most important time of the year… Continue reading Richard’s last Easter in 1485….

Did Richard “touch” for the King’s Evil…?

I have just bought an interesting and absorbing  book, the ‘Encyclopaedia of Superstitions’ by E & M Radford, originally published in 1949. Reaching the section on the King’s Evil (scrofula, which was believed to be cured by the touch of the monarch) I read: ‘The practice was introduced by Henry VII of presenting the person… Continue reading Did Richard “touch” for the King’s Evil…?