The village of Tarrant Crawford really isn’t a village anymore. If you type the address into your Satnav, it will vanish from the screen while driving down the nearby main road–there are no signposts and the only other road visible is a simple farm track fringed by thick trees. However, here at one time was… Continue reading ANOTHER MISSING QUEEN: JOAN OF SCOTLAND

Were Richard of Gloucester and Lady Anne Neville married in this church….?

An article  about the end of stamp duty on some properties, included a smaller column from which I’ve taken the following: “….A six-bedroom family home [in Stanford-in-the-Vale] linked to Richard III sold for £2.65million after spending just three weeks on the market….[it] was once owned by Anne Neville, who was Queen Consort to Richard III….”… Continue reading Were Richard of Gloucester and Lady Anne Neville married in this church….?

A very royal peculiar….?

  In this instance I refer to St George’s Chapel, Windsor. In this article  you can read all about its history and see some beautiful photographs. The other royal peculiar which immediately leaps to Ricardian minds is, of course, Westminster Abbey…which harbours That Urn. The last time we all saw St George’s Chapel at its… Continue reading A very royal peculiar….?

Philippa de Coucy

One of Edward III’s many grandchildren, Philippa de Coucy (born before April 1367) was the daughter of the important French nobleman Enguerrand, Lord of Coucy, by Isabella, eldest daughter of King Edward and Queen Philippa. Isabella was pretty much the definition of a spoiled princess, and contrary to the usual stereotype, pretty much did as… Continue reading Philippa de Coucy

Pastime, passtime, pastance….?

I know there are different ways of spelling one word…especially when it comes to the British/US versions (we’re separated by the same language, right?) but sometimes I come across a word that I have only ever seen spelled one way, yet it suddenly pops up with an extra “s”. In this instance the word is… Continue reading Pastime, passtime, pastance….?

An interview with Philippa Langley – Part Two

We understand that there are developments with Henry I on the site of Reading Abbey. What can you tell us? As its name suggests, the Hidden Abbey Project is a research initiative to uncover the hidden story of Reading Abbey. The project began with a Ground Penetrating Radar survey of the Abbey Church site (completed… Continue reading An interview with Philippa Langley – Part Two

Henry VII was a saint….?

Now, if you read this claptrap  you’ll learn that saintly Henry VII, on his brilliant ownio, decided that ” . . . rather than adopting the costly and aggressive strategy of invasion and war favoured by some of his predecessors  . . . used dynastic royal marriages to make alliances in Europe . . .… Continue reading Henry VII was a saint….?

Katherine Plantagenet, her burial in St James Garlickhithe.

Reblogged from here The Great Fire of London. The devastating conflagration that consumed so much of medieval London including St James Garlickhythe.  Artist  Lieve Verschuier This post will of necessity prove to be short there being a dearth of information on both Katherine and the  pre-Fire St James Garlickhythe Church where she was buried.  The church… Continue reading Katherine Plantagenet, her burial in St James Garlickhithe.

Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York

Richard Shrewsbury Duke of York was the second son of King Edward IV. We don’t know a lot about him because he was not the heir to the throne but notwithstanding this, he is one of the most investigated historical characters being him one of the well known “Princes” in the Tower. We have not… Continue reading Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York


On April 9 of 1445, a determined fifteen-year-old French girl arrived at Southampton. She had been ill before her departure and seasickness from the crossing added to her discomfort. Nonetheless, she ploughed on further inland with her entourage toward  the house of the Premonstratensians at Titchfield in Hampshire. Whether she looked forward to the journey… Continue reading A WEDDING AT TITCHFIELD ABBEY