Beware the dragons of Suffolk….

“….CPR, 1401-5, 377, 482. In 1405, according to the St. Albans chronicler who was suitably impressed by the event, a dragon appeared near Sudbury, hard by the vill of Buryra (probably Bures), and the serfs of Sir Richard de Waldegrave, on whose demesne it was found, shot at it with arrows, but with no effect.… Continue reading Beware the dragons of Suffolk….

So where exactly is “Orwell”?

Harwich Town station is the end of the line, a twenty-five minute ride from Manningtree and the north-eastern extremity of Essex. As you cross the main road from the station car park, turning left takes you past a series of old buildings with Harwich Society plaques amid a modern setting. Some of these commemorate people such… Continue reading So where exactly is “Orwell”?