Middleham Bridge to be repaired….

An important bridge not far from Middleham Castle is to be repaired to prevent “structural instability and failure”. It was once described in a sketch by celebrated artist JMW Turner as “The Entrance To Wensleydale”, and is key for those travelling between Wensleydale and Harrogate, Ripon and Masham. If there is such a sketch, I… Continue reading Middleham Bridge to be repaired….

The Court of Requests and Thomas Seckford

In 1484, King Richard III created a minor equity court to deal with minor disputes in equity; these are disputes where the harshness of common law would be acknowledged by those appointed by the Crown. Equity courts were mostly seen as the Lord Chancellor’s remit, and the split of the Chancery Courts from the Curia… Continue reading The Court of Requests and Thomas Seckford

Tales of a Ricardian Traveler – Part One: Forest of Bowland and Skipton

Originally posted on RICARDIAN LOONS:
Lady on Horseback, mid-15th c., British Museum I am passionate about history and travel!  As soon as I got my passport, I was determined to go out and see the world with my own eyes, but more importantly, to encounter places associated with Richard III.  In his brief 32 years,…

Eclipse coincidences…?

Sometimes coincidences can be really eerie, and I think the eclipses of 1485 and 2015 fall into that category, because of Anne Neville’s death during one, and because there is to be another on Friday, immediately prior to the reinterment week of Richard III.. See http://www.culture24.org.uk/history-and-heritage/royal-history/art520910-experts-say-fridays-solar-eclipse-mirrors-astronomical-events-during-last-year-of-richard-iii. There are 530 years between 1485 and 2015, and… Continue reading Eclipse coincidences…?