A breathtaking masterpiece of Tudor megalomania. . . .

  I have been prompted to write this article after happening upon Visions on the horizon of desire: a painting of Henry VII & his family in the presence of St. George, by Margaret Milne Wood, 2001. See here. The subject of the work is the enigmatic painted panel of Henry VII and his family (see… Continue reading A breathtaking masterpiece of Tudor megalomania. . . .

Tales of a Ricardian Traveler — Part Three: Ripon Cathedral and Richmond Castle

Originally posted on RICARDIAN LOONS:
Lady on Horseback, mid-15th c., British Museum I admit I have a special fondness for the “third smallest city in England” – Ripon.  It’s located in North Yorkshire and is a bustling cathedral town, famous for its racetrack and the “Ripon Hornblower”. It’s also well-situated for making day trips to…