The fireworks display at Richard’s reinterment….

Fireworks used to be associated with Bonfire Night, 5th November, but nowadays they are employed for many occasions, not least of which (for Ricardians) was the week-long celebration of Richard’s reinterment at Leicester Cathedral. The reinterment was on 26 March 2015, and ended with a spectacular fireworks display around the cathedral. This link is to… Continue reading The fireworks display at Richard’s reinterment….


‘THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP ‘EM!’ The news {pingback to 9/4} about a potential important new discovery regarding the fate of Edward V, elder of the ‘princes in the Tower’ at Coldridge church in Devon took recent U.K. newspapers by storm, gaining a considerable amount of press coverage in a short span of time, much… Continue reading THE DENIALISTS AND COLDRIDGE:

An interesting magazine I missed….

  When the remains of Richard III were sought and then discovered, A magazine entitled Current Archaeology covered it prominently on a number of occasions: “….Current Archaeology reported on the unfolding story in detail, with no fewer than three ‘cover’ features, in CA 272, CA 277, and CA 294 (November 2012, April 2013, and September… Continue reading An interesting magazine I missed….

England’s American knight in armour….!

    Here is a link to a video of Toby Capwell, the American curator of arms and armour at The Wallace Collection in London. It concerns his thoughts on seven medieval weapons scenes in movies and TV. He was, of course, one of the two fully armed knights who escorted Richard on his final… Continue reading England’s American knight in armour….!

The ladies who made linens for Richard III’s 2015 reinterment….

I had to answer a questionnaire to read this, but it wasn’t intrusive – mine was about whether or not I’d had flowers delivered in last six months. Anyway, the article is quite interesting, and concerns the ladies who made linens for Richard’s reinterment. Their company is based in Waterford in the USA, and makes… Continue reading The ladies who made linens for Richard III’s 2015 reinterment….

How Richard III changed Leicester….

Was it really only five years ago? Sometimes it seems like forever. And for me, the most affecting thing is still seeing Richard’s Book of Hours, which is thought to have been with him in his tent at Bosworth. I confess I had tears in my eyes. It just seemed so very personal to him.… Continue reading How Richard III changed Leicester….

Britain’s top burial sites?

This Sun article, which originally confused Richard’s Leicester with Henry I’s Reading, lists what they consider to be Britain’s top burial sites, although there is no detail on the supposed “Princes” in that urn, especially now that there is evidence to test the remains. Are there any others you might have included?

Richard III’s lost queen….

What follows is a word-for-word opinion of Anne Neville, and Richard’s attitude/feelings for her. I make no comment, the article by Elizabeth Jane Timms speaks for itself. “Amidst the chronicle of lost tombs at Westminster Abbey is that of Queen Anne Neville, wife of King Richard III. Queen Anne’s invisibility in these terms underlines the purported neglect… Continue reading Richard III’s lost queen….

Should cheating bankers pay for the revamp of Leicester Cathedral…? Well, it’s worth a try, eh? Plus, of course, the link also contains a video of the bigwigs leaving the cathedral on the day of Richard’s interment. Always a bit of a jar to see the Beefeaters in their Tudor garb, but at least they have E:II on their uniforms. I’m sure Henry would… Continue reading Should cheating bankers pay for the revamp of Leicester Cathedral…?