More wall paintings discovered in Yorkshire….

“….Repair and restoration work being carried out at Calverley Old Hall in Yorkshire has led to the stunning discovery of an entire room covered in Tudor paintings from floor to ceiling….” Thank goodness past generations opted for covering original walls instead of obliterating them altogether. Because of this, we now have the above new discovery… Continue reading More wall paintings discovered in Yorkshire….

Dublin Castle through history….

The Normans didn’t only conquer mainland Britain, but—as Anglo-Normans—crossed the Irish Sea to eject the Vikings from their settlement in what is now Dublin. The remains of the Viking settlement have been excavated beneath the present castle. To read about Viking Dublin, go here.   One thing led to another and in the 13th century… Continue reading Dublin Castle through history….

How would Thetford Priory have looked?

Originally posted on Mid Anglia Group, Richard III Society:
Thetford Priory was, of course, a Cluniac Priory. Whilst some walls stand away from the entrance, in other areas only the foundations remain and the Mowbray tomb locations are no longer marked, although those of the Howards, moved to Framlingham, remain. If only, I hear you…

A house that has been loved back to life, twice. . . .

There are so many wonderful old buildings nestling away in the British countryside. We are so lucky to still have them. Beautiful 15th-century Great Chalfield Manor in Wiltshire was “loved back to life by an Edwardian engineer, Robert Fuller, and his scholarly architect, Sir Harold Brakspear”. Now it has been rescued again. “. . .… Continue reading A house that has been loved back to life, twice. . . .