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If the boys’ remains were never found at the Tower, what’s in the urn in Westminster Abbey. . . .?

RavenmasterNow then, I think the Tower of London ought to have a quiet word with Westminster Abbey, because if the boys’ remains have never been found – what’s in That Urn? And by the time they supposedly disappeared, Richard was King, not merely Duke of Gloucester.

“…One of the Tower’s greatest mysteries is the lost princes. These young boys disappeared in the Tower while under the custody of Richard, Duke of Gloucester — it’s widely believed Richard murdered them in his gory path to the crown, but their bodies have never been found…”

Westminster Urn



The Ravenmaster at the Tower of London

ravenmasterThe Ravenmaster at HM Tower of London has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Below is his latest Tweet. It mentions Tydders and pretty much speaks for itself. The comments mention Plantagenets and pretty much speak for themselves, too.

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