A free lecture and discussion on Richard III and Psychosis….!

Richard III and Psychosis? Well, I guess this must be Shakespeare’s Richard, because it can’t possibly be the real man! “RICHARD III: A lecture and discussion with Dr Liam Clarke on Richard III and Psychosis at Chapter 12 Wine Bar, 12 High Street [Hailsham] between 2.30pm and 3.30pm on Tuesday. This is a free event.”… Continue reading A free lecture and discussion on Richard III and Psychosis….!

Macbeth – Michael Fassbender’s flawed hero king.

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I’m always intrigued to see how a Shakespeare play will be approached, particularly when the constraints of the stage are removed and a director is given free rein to adapt and interpret through the medium of film. I had read a few reviews of the 2015 version of Macbeth,…

Richard III and ‘King Power’!

Being totally uninterested in football, it’s not like me to wait on tenterhooks for a match result – but that’s what happened last week, and now I’m absolutely delighted that Leicester City have just become champions of the Premier League. Five years ago, news that the football team of an obscure Midlands city had beaten… Continue reading Richard III and ‘King Power’!

What really motivated medieval minds?

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Love, ambition, fame, self-interest, fear, religious conviction, physical desire for something or someone, patriotism, duty, compassion, self-sacrifice, revenge or bitter hatred. Historians make a case for the various motivations of historical figures in order to try and understand these people themselves and then persuade their readership through their analysis as…

Jung’s ‘archetypes’ and their function in medieval history.

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Jungian archetypes I’ve been interested in ‘archetypes’ for a long time as I am very drawn to myth and to aspects of Jungian psycho-analysis particularly with regard to how we analyse the personalities and character of historical figures. Often ‘myth’ is classified as something unreal or untrue yet myths…

A Psychopathic God, Richard III Was Not

“If all you see is what you’ve seen before, you’re going to miss half of what’s going on.” ~Diana Bennett, “Beauty & the Beast” I’m in the middle of reading a book called The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler, written by Robert Waite. The publisher marketed the 1977 book as a psycho-historical examination of Hitler that… Continue reading A Psychopathic God, Richard III Was Not