Leaks, thistles and crosses of all kinds….

No, I haven’t made a boo-boo, the subject line of this article from Inside Wales Sport does indeed say “leaks”. A friend has wondered if this means Wales is a land in dire need of plumbers! This was a clear invitation to examine the rest of the article for further bloopers. I’ll start with England’s… Continue reading Leaks, thistles and crosses of all kinds….

The man who eluded a Tudor charge of treason….!

William Dacre, 3rd Baron Dacre, did the miraculous….in the reign of Henry VIII he survived a charge of treason under the Tudors! Yes, really, like this case!  He was exonerated on 9 July 1534. The link below gives 1535. “…Dacre was acquitted but as with all things Tudor there is a sting in the tale.… Continue reading The man who eluded a Tudor charge of treason….!

Richard’s generosity is contrasted with his successor’s parsimony

Here is a Telegraph documented article about Richard III’s distribution of money and other gifts at Christmas. Helpfully, they estimate the current value of some of his expenditure. Without mentioning any of Richard’s contemporaries, I am reminded of “Hey, Big Spender” reducing Ernie Wise to tears …

Henry VII’s lavish gift to his daughter….

Oh dear, how very Henry VII. I’ve just read in this link that because the leek was the emblem of the Welsh, on one St David’s Day he presented a leek to his daughter. A real leek, that is, not one studded with precious stones. Talk about a cheap gift! I’m sure she was thrilled.… Continue reading Henry VII’s lavish gift to his daughter….

Henry VII was a saint….?

Now, if you read this claptrap  you’ll learn that saintly Henry VII, on his brilliant ownio, decided that ” . . . rather than adopting the costly and aggressive strategy of invasion and war favoured by some of his predecessors  . . . used dynastic royal marriages to make alliances in Europe . . .… Continue reading Henry VII was a saint….?


Now for something that every fashion-conscious  Lancastrian/Tudorite lady will SURELY want–a tight fitting  mini skirt emblazoned with the smiling…no, make that sucked-lemon… mug of none other than Henry Tudor! A Henry skirt is guaranteed to chase off unwanted suitors; in fact, as thus depicted, he’ll scare off pretty much anyone, really. Although I dare say… Continue reading A BIT OF SKIRT…

Edward IV – A King of Bling – His Wardrobe Accounts

Reblogged from Edward IV – A King of Bling’s Wardrobe Accounts   The Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York and The Wardrobe Accounts of Edward the Fourth Edited by Nicolas Harris Nicolas Esq As demonstrated by my earlier posts on the subject I enjoy nothing more than a delve around privy purse/wardrobe expenses.  This… Continue reading Edward IV – A King of Bling – His Wardrobe Accounts


With advanced computer technology, more artists and other interested people are doing their own ‘facial reconstructions’ of famous historical figures, often giving them modern hair styles and clothes to let people see how they might have looked if they lived in the present day. The following article has 30 such images, and is interesting because… Continue reading HENRY “TUDOR” IN THE 21ST CENTURY?


UPDATED POST AT sparkypus.com A Medieval Potpourri https://sparkypus.com/2020/05/14/the-privy-purse-accounts-of-henry-vii-1491-to-1505-2/ Is there anyone else like me who enjoys a good nosy around someone’s privy purse accounts.  They can tell us so much about that person.  For example, Henry VII’s Privy Purse Accounts.  From them we can glean, for example,  how did Henry spend his time relaxing ,… Continue reading THE PRIVY PURSE ACCOUNTS OF HENRY VII 1491 to 1505