Another blunder in Cairo

Of late, I have read the denialists claim that Edward IV’s 1461 marriage couldn’t possibly have been valid because it doesn’t show in the parish registers anywhere in England, therefore his dozen children by Lady Grey must have been legitimate. The only problems with this are:1) Parish registers, inspired by Thomas Cromwell, only date from… Continue reading Another blunder in Cairo

Bishop Stillington’s Testimony: Was it Enough under Church Law?

Originally posted on RICARDIAN LOONS:
Richard III remains one of the most controversial kings of England because of the manner in which he came to the throne:? not by battle or conquest, but by a legal claim that Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was invalid, rendering their children ineligible to stand in the line…

Was it a spring tide in 1607? Was it a storm? No, it was a tsunami! Or was it….?

  “….But the yeere 1606, the fourth of King James, the ryver of Severn rose upon a sodeyn Tuesday mornyng the 20 of January beyng the full pryme day and hyghest tyde after the change of the moone by reason of a myghty strong western wynde….” John Paul, Vicar of Almondsbury In ‘A True Report of… Continue reading Was it a spring tide in 1607? Was it a storm? No, it was a tsunami! Or was it….?

Parish registers (of baptism, marriage and funeral)

These date back to 1538 in England and Wales, finally being replaced in 1837 by general registration. It is generally thought that Henry VIII (and Thomas Cromwell) introduced them to know who was attending these Anglican services and who was not. Alternatively, Henry may just have wanted to keep track of the 72,000 people whose… Continue reading Parish registers (of baptism, marriage and funeral)