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One book – two reviews

You may just have heard that David Horspool has a new Richard III biography out and it delivers a real insight into the reviewing process.

The first one is by Nigel Jones, in The Spectator, who has written about the Nazis on several occasions, although he obviously knows less about them than Laurence Rees. Such is his Third Reich fixation that he would probably compare Mother Theresa or Henry VI to a senior National Socialist:

This second review is by Barry Didcock in the Glasgow Herald, whose conclusions actually match Horspool’s. Horspool forgets, although his commenter Peeta Worcester reminds him, that Richard was petitioned by the Three Estates to become King in a process that Gairdner described as “almost a constitutional election”:

So, if you really want to know what Horspool thinks before borrowing or buying it, you know which review to read.

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