Ant and Dec’s DNA Journey

This programme, which has recently been repeated, began in 2017 with the duo meeting the legendary Borders historian Alistair Moffat, who just happens to be the uncle of a friend of theirs. Following DNA tests, it was revealed that McPartlin’s great-grandfather, Peter, had joined the 103rd (Tyneside Irish) Brigade and fought at the Battle of… Continue reading Ant and Dec’s DNA Journey

RIIICHARD: A forthcoming American event

This play is to be performed in a latino theatre in New York on 18th and 19th December and streamed online those evenings (EST). The dialogue is partially in Spanish, although the English part will explain a lot. The new playwright (Norman Briski) has used Shakespeare’s parody as a departure point before making it more… Continue reading RIIICHARD: A forthcoming American event

William Caxton and the Birth of English Printing

It is always a pleasure to visit the sumptuous J. Pierpont Morgan Museum and Library located in the Murray Hill section of New York City.  Built in 1906, designed by the esteemed architectural firm of McKim, Meade and White, it is breathtakingly beautiful as well as a unique source of medieval riches, housing one of the smallest… Continue reading William Caxton and the Birth of English Printing