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The Swynford/ Beaufort case again

As we said five years ago, it is unclear whether John, Marquess of Somerset and Dorset, really was the son of John of Gaunt or of Sir Hugh Swynford. Furthermore, the common law answer to that question may be different to the genetic answer, as we revealed that Swynford could well have died after the conception, or even the birth of John “Beaufort”.

As hathawaysofhaworth reminded us in a comment here, the mediaeval year commenced on Lady Day, 25 March. Thus January, February and most March dates fall later in the same year as do 25 March to December. This gives more scope for Swynford’s life to have overlapped with the life, or gestation (“pre-life”) of Catherine de Roet’s middle child of seven.

Whilst Somerset’s (half-?) brother, Henry Beaufort, was a Cardinal, he did have an illegitimate daughter, unlike Thomas, Duke of Exeter. As Jane married Sir Edward Stradling in about 1423, according to the Cardinal’s will, we are still faced with the strong possibility that all those still surnamed Beaufort after his 1447 death were descended from Sir Hugh Swynford.


Here I am again, with some more Richard, of course…

A day late, I know, but a Happy New Year to everyone. May 2016 be a vast improvement on its predecessor.

Here’s my first offering in a long time, an article about Richard from the Hinkley Times. Can’t say all the facts are right, but it’s generally OK. I decided not to use any of the photographs in the actual article – enough skeletons already! And I imagine Philippa must be thoroughly weary of that particular picure of her with Richard’s ‘head’. So instead I’ve found one of my own composite pictures. All I did was put two separate pictures together, I’m not claiming the artwork:

Richard and Garter Stall Plate

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