More Legendary Ten Seconds songs …

… with Jules Jones as lead vocalist: A new album highlighting the singing of Jules Jones on some of her favourite songs of the Legendary Ten Seconds.Recorded in Torbay, Kingsteignton, Teignmouth and Madron.Released on Richard the Third Records, Songs mastered by Phil Swann in Kingsteignton.Jules Jones lead and harmony singingIan Churchward guitars, keyboards, mandolin, mandola, ukulele… Continue reading More Legendary Ten Seconds songs …

A beautiful country house in the Hoxne Hoard village….

      Anyone who watched the brilliant BBC series The Detectorists will know what to hope of a home in Hoxne, Suffolk.   The village is the location of The Hoxne Hoard, the largest collection of late-Roman gold and silver ever found in Britain, today worth almost £4 million. And now the Old Vicarage in Hoxne is for… Continue reading A beautiful country house in the Hoxne Hoard village….

Digging for Treasure

There are several interesting archaeology series on television and Channel Five has now joined in with an ensemble programme, headed by two familiar personalities (Dan Walker and Michaela Strachan) and a similarly ubiquitous chief archaeologist (Raksha Dave), but with more of an emphasis on metal detecting for the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme, including Roman… Continue reading Digging for Treasure

More coins found in Suffolk

Gaius Julius Caesar (left) may not have spent much time in Britain during his invasions of 55-54 BC, but his troops and their followers left rather a lot of evidence. Here, the East Anglian Daily Times details a hoard found in Ashbocking during 2019, consisting of 180 silver denarii and provisionally valued at £65,000.

Richard III’s boar badge found at Chiddingly manor house in 1999….

  “….in 1999 a metal detectorist made an extraordinary find that’s become known as the Chiddingly Boar: ‘The white boar badge was used by Richard III’s household and followers between 1472 and 1485,’ the British Museum explain on their website of the hat badge that is now in their collection….” “….The boar was Richard’s symbol, and thousands… Continue reading Richard III’s boar badge found at Chiddingly manor house in 1999….

A tiny gold Bible on a par with the Middleham Jewel….?

  An NHS nurse—Buffy Bailey—has struck gold, quite literally, being a detectorist who has located a jewel that is taking the archaeological world by storm. When she eventually reaps the benefit, her income will knock NHS wages into a cocked hat! She found a tiny gold Bible pendant (only 1.5 cm long!) that seems to… Continue reading A tiny gold Bible on a par with the Middleham Jewel….?

Found in Devon …

We often feature very old coins unearthed. This one was found by metal detecting in a field somewhere in Devon and dates from Henry III‘s reign. It was part of a special consignment of pennies, minted by William of Gloucester with African gold. It features the Great Pavement of Westminster Abbey, which he updated, and… Continue reading Found in Devon …

Eight treasures found in Powys….

    On Monday, 29th March, 2021, eight medieval and post-medieval finds in Powys (all found by metal detectorists) were declared treasure, and now a number of museums are hoping to acquire the various pieces. The finds consist of coins, finger rings and some personal items owned by wealthy members of Welsh society between the… Continue reading Eight treasures found in Powys….

The Legendary Ten Seconds’ new versions

This is the new version of the LTS’ Lord Protector Richard III. Less Fortunate than Fair and Half Angel appear on the same album, the former having lyrics by Sandra Heath Wilson. Below, with the Semi Acoustic 2021 inner sleeve are the lyrics of Half Angel: Half Angel Such a warm September eveningThoughts of harvest… Continue reading The Legendary Ten Seconds’ new versions


A metal detector enthusiast has come up with an impressive find that may be worth a cool £2 million. Tucked away in a hole in a field field near Market Harborough was a tiny figure made of pure gold. This figure is believed to be from the ‘Tudor Crown’ designed by Henry VII for state… Continue reading THE TUDOR CROWN UNEARTHED