The Medieval River Ferry

A few days ago I had a need to describe a medieval ferry in my work-in-progress, albeit as a background, scenic item. I realised I had no idea how they were propelled, or even what they looked like. The answer seems to be rather like this one at Evesham. The vessel itself is rather like… Continue reading The Medieval River Ferry


  The term ‘nasty, brutish and short’ is a phrase often used, half jokingly, for the lives of our pre-modern ancestors. It wasn’t always, but in many cases, life in the Middle Ages could be harsh–especially in regards to illness and injury. A recent assessment of skeletons discovered in Cambridge at three separate sites shows… Continue reading ‘NASTY, BRUTISH AND SHORT’


REBLOGGED FROM A Medieval Pot Pourri A nice example of a medieval bed.  Note the commode next to the bed complete with a lock!  The side curtains are shown this way in most illustrations.  I thought they may have been bunched up into some type of bag but it has been suggested to me that… Continue reading THE MEDIEVAL BED (update) – A PRIZED POSSESSION

What did colours mean in the medieval period….?

Even today, we associate certain colours with certain things, e.g. white for chastity, black for mourning and red protects against evil. Back in the medieval period many more colours had meanngs at different times of the year – well, the Church does now as then, of course, but I mean for people in general. With… Continue reading What did colours mean in the medieval period….?

Clothes lines fluttering in 14th century Moorfields? I fear not….

  Writing historical fiction involves a lot of research…well, it does if the resultant book is to be taken seriously. So when it came to describing medieval Moorfields, just north of London’s city wall, I came upon the inevitable mention of drying grounds for washing. Yes, I knew all about them, because they turn up… Continue reading Clothes lines fluttering in 14th century Moorfields? I fear not….


Opulent beds could be used to entertain friends and even shared with  guests staying overnight.  Well at least you would be warm.. A very interesting article here on medieval beds including a glossary …   I haven’t a clue as to what is going on with this lady and gentleman  but, as it shows a medieval… Continue reading EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT MEDIEVAL BEDS..

Hygiene in Medieval Times

Have you ever asked yourself how people washed and perfume themselves in Medieval time? And what about the smart and noble Plantagenets? Was there a difference between rich and poor people? You will be surprised to discover that Mediaeval people were cleaner than we can imagine and they smelled good. As you can imagine, hygienic… Continue reading Hygiene in Medieval Times


An amusing mockup of what  the front page of Medieval Parent Magazine would have looked like…Particularly liking the Quiz…”Is your Childe a changeling or just ugly?’ With thanks to Maks Viktor Antiquarian Books.. Artist Gemma  Correll.