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A Plantagenet’s genetic revenge?

We all know how the Plantagenet genes of Richard’s three nieces were hijacked by Henry VII and his relatives (John Viscount Welles was his uncle and Sir Richard Pole was the Weasel’s first cousin) in the immediate aftermath of Bosworth. It took over four centuries for a “Plantagenet” man to marry a “Tudor” woman.

This wedding took place on 28 February 1922. The bride was Mary Princess Royal; only daughter of George V and the groom was Henry Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood. He was descended from the 1st Earl and Anne Challenor, descendant of Sir William Hilton and Sybil Lumley. Sybil Lumley’s father was Sir Thomas and his mother is now widely held to be the daughter of Edward IV.


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