More Mythology of Richard III

The Mythology of Richard III was one of the late John Ashdown-Hill’s fine and well-researched books, which tried to dispel some of the ingrained tall tales about the much-maligned King. Unfortunately, ‘MORE Mythology’ seems to come up all too infrequently, and I am not necessarily talking about Thomas More, although his name often arises still… Continue reading More Mythology of Richard III


” Never let it be said that fate itself could awe the soul of Richard.            Hence babbling dreams, you threaten here in vain;            Conscience avaunt, Richard’s himself again” (The tragical history of King Richard the Third)[1]   Richard’s himself again: or is he? There is a moment in Olivier’s film of Shakespeare’s play… Continue reading SHAKESPEARE’S RICHARD III: HERO OR VILLAIN?

Lambert Simnel and Edward V

I’m beginning to convince myself that the Lambert Simnel Affair might have been an uprising in favour of Edward V, not Edward, Earl of Warwick….  

Re-enactment of, and history trail about, the Battle of Stoke Field….

Because I had considerable trouble finally reading all of this article, I have taken the liberty of copying it all, word for word. So I do not claim anything that follows . It is all Nottinghamshire live:- “It was the site of one of the most important battles in English history, a blood-soaked clash that… Continue reading Re-enactment of, and history trail about, the Battle of Stoke Field….

Stanley and the Stanley Knife

They are sharp and good for purposes both fair and foul, and might even be handy for some back-stabbing (should one be of that disposition!) What am I talking about? The Stanley Knife. Jokes abound on certain medieval groups about these multi purpose knives being something that should have been invented by the two side-shifting,… Continue reading Stanley and the Stanley Knife


Most Ricardians and non-Ricardians alike have heard the story of Lord Strange, son of Thomas Stanley. Strange was held as a surety by Richard for the behaviour of his father, and when his life was threatened, Thomas was supposed to have flippantly said, “I have other sons.” It is also claimed Richard ordered Strange’s death… Continue reading A STRANGE TALE–THE STORY OF LORD STRANGE

A Strange Story – Did it Happen at All?

Thanks to Shakespeare, and virtually every other account we have, both ‘factual’ and ‘fiction’, most people are familiar with the tale of Lord Strange being held captive by Richard III at Bosworth as a hostage for his father’s good behaviour, and of Lord Stanley’s careless remark that he had ‘other sons’. As a result of… Continue reading A Strange Story – Did it Happen at All?