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The price an English longbowman paid for his strength and skill….

It had never occurred to me that our splendid medieval longbowmen’s bodies were adversely affected by their constant use of strength and exercise. I should have realised—it’s common sense!—but the above picture came as a great surprise to me. To read more, go to and There are other sites to be found, of course.

It’s a wonder anyone survived medieval battles….!


The title above says it all. Go to this article¬†and see what I mean. With such weapons being wielded on all sides, how on earth did anything—man or horse—emerge still standing? I don’t think we should be in any doubt at all that by going to battle, all men knew they were putting their lives at a very real risk indeed.

Unless, like Henry VII, they always skulked around at the back, well protected (Bosworth), or indeed arrived too late to take part anyway (Stoke Field or Blackheath). There was nothing brave about him.

A book on Medieval warfare, not only Renaissance….

a book on medieval warfare - not just Renaissance

Um, I don’t think Edward III and the Black Prince are Renaissance, but the book might be interesting. Perhaps it more concerns the build-up to Renaissance warfare?


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