Heading for a new record?

This is Richard Dunne, the player who has scored the most top flight own goals (ten in twenty seasons) since the beginning of the¬†Premier League. “David” is already challenging that total in a shorter time frame. Here are some of his career highlights: 1) Claiming that “Perkin” confessed his imposture to a Scottish Bishop, many… Continue reading Heading for a new record?

One troll in particular

How “hard of understanding” are the denialists? We ask this because David Durose is displaying even more symptoms of the Cairo Syndrome. He repeats many of his claims in the teeth of the evidence and makes more, unsupported, claims.¬† The “Lincoln Roll” cannot have pertained to the younger John de la Pole, Earl thereof, if… Continue reading One troll in particular

The over-sensitivity of the Cairo-dwellers

This time last week, we at Murrey and Blue saw a post trying make a very tenuous link between the “Lincoln Roll” (dating at least ten years after the Earl of Lincoln died”) and his cousins, Edward IV’s sons, suggesting that the Roll “proved” their deaths. We replied, correcting the poster on several points including:… Continue reading The over-sensitivity of the Cairo-dwellers

The “Lincoln Roll” and the desperate sandbagging of the Cairo residents

You have probably heard of the “Lincoln Roll”. It resides at the John Rylands Institute of the University of Manchester. It shows the strength of the de la Pole claim to the throne (John of Lincoln being of that family) and the weakness of the “Tudor” claim, having been featured in Dr. Thomas Penn’s BBC2… Continue reading The “Lincoln Roll” and the desperate sandbagging of the Cairo residents