Caernarfon Castle built in minutes….in Lego!

  I love seeing time-lapse videos, whatever the subject, but a time-lapse of Edward I’s huge and formidable fortress at Caernarfon, rising as you watch until it’s there in front of you within a few minutes, complete, is something else. The whole thing is made of Lego. Which is not cheap, as the parents of… Continue reading Caernarfon Castle built in minutes….in Lego!


Only 500 years or so too late,  Karma finally takes its toll of England’s Nero…   Strangely,  I found this amusing image on the very day I found out my oldest known relative was (according to Wikitree) related to old Henry ‘in the 29th degree’ via Henry’s sister Margaret “Tudor”. I admit I was inconsolable… Continue reading HENRY VIII LOSES HIS HEAD

Richard’s Boar in Lego

Following the success of the Easter Lego event in 2018, when the most famous portrait of King Richard III, the National Portrait Gallery one, was recreated using Lego bricks, Fairy Bricks were back in Leicester this Easter to build another Richard III-themed mosaic at the Richard III Visitor Centre. This year members of the public… Continue reading Richard’s Boar in Lego