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Coming up this year:

As you can see, Kit Harrington will soon portray Robert Catesby in a BBC drama about the Gunpowder Plot. Catesby, shot while resisting arrest, was one of 130731-e5cae8c8-18cf-4b66-aa08-3c4ae03e6428the lucky ones. Then again, our folk memory of the seventeenth century is not entirely accurate.

Here it is.

Plantagenet actors….?

Dail Mail - Richard III

Yesterday there was a comment on a Facebook group by a lady named Elizabeth Borson, that Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones”, is a descendant of William Catesby, Richard III’s advisor. Kit is apparently also descended from Charles II, but it is Richard’s era that is of interest to us on Murrey & Blue, so with all due respect to Old Rowley, he is a mere sideshow here. ‘Kit’ was certainly a very popular diminutive in Stuart times, but it’s this Kit’s Catesby connection that interests Ricardians.

So imagine my surprise this morning, to receive (via Google Alert) a link to the Leicester Mercury in which it is stated that Benedict Cumberbatch, the Sherlock Holmes actor who is soon to appear on our screen in “The Hollow Crown” series, as Shakespeare’s Richard III, is a descendant of Edward III, and therefore has a blood connection with Richard. How very appropriate!

Now I have to wonder if there are other actors who can glance back over their shoulder to someone well-known in Richard’s time? Perhaps even Richard himself?

No matter how earnestly I stare over my shoulder, it’s very doubtful that I’ll spy any Plantagenets. It would be nice though . . .

Here is the link to the Leicester Mercury article:

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