A Weir(d) Myth-take (1): The Legend of Joan of York

After the time of long barrenness, God first send Anne, which signifyth grace, In token that at her heart’s heaviness, He as for barrenness would from them chase. Harry, Edward, Edmund, each in his place Succeeded; and after twain daughter came Elizabeth and Margaret, and afterwards William. John after William next born was, Which both… Continue reading A Weir(d) Myth-take (1): The Legend of Joan of York

Jorvik – Reconstructing the Viking Age

Originally posted on Giaconda's Blog:
The Viking settlement at Jorvik, modern day York, is the largest excavated Viking site in England. Jorvik was an important trading centre due to its river links along the Ouse to the Humber estuary and North Sea and also an important political centre, the largest of the of the six fortified…