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“There was a man …

… his name was Rouse. He had the key to every house.
He was suspected and then arrested …”

Alfred Arthur Rouse ( was an ostensibly happily married commercial traveller, to Lily May Watkins, when in London. In other regions, he was a bachelor or occasionally “married” to a different woman. To end his first “life” and , he killed a hitch-hiker but was caught and executed.

John Rous was a veteran Warwickshire prelate and writer of the Rous Roll, praising the House of York and Richard III in particular. After the accession of Henry VII, he wrote Historia Regum Angliae, reversing his earlier verdict ad absurdam, either at the behest of the first “Tudor” or in a vain attempt to save the life of Edward, Earl of Warwick.

Obsessed? Not much

Cover of John Ashdown-Hill booklet

The title of this 2004 booklet, may be familiar to those who follow Cairo affairs. Some people cannot even be original, even when trying to explain away the author’s discoveries and expertise.

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