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Today Flinders; who might it be tomorrow….?

Who else might be waiting to be discovered? Which great figures from the past, thought to be lost forever, are just lying there impatiently, wondering when we’ll get around to them? How many tombs, destroyed by Henry VIII’s love life, might yet be retrieved…?

Oh, we hardly dare wish! Richard III was found, and just think of how much more we now know about him. The list of other possibilities is really quite dizzying. High on my list would be Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, the “Kingmaker”. He was buried at Bisham, as were many others, including his brother, Montagu, and those tombs have been lost forever, along with the priory itself. Are these men, like Richard III, still there?

Perhaps he should be reburied at Earl’s Court?


Another ‘War of the Roses’ Battlefield found!

The site of the Battle of Edgecote, fought between King Edward IV and Warwick the Kingmaker is located, causing problems for the HS2 rail link, Read about it here.

Pic of Richard Nevill, Warwick the Kingmaker

Warwick the Kingmaker


Pic of King Edward IV

King Edward IV

Edward IV image credit:

Warwick the Kingmaker image credit (link to page):

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