A new take on “Full Metal Jacket”….!

Before anything else, let me identify the above illustrations. Top left is, um, supposedly a 15th century back armour. Whoever wore it, male or female, was rather peculiar anatomically. 2nd top left is a Boccaccio Amazon Queen. 3rd top left is an illustration from the British Library, and top right is Queen Isabella with her… Continue reading A new take on “Full Metal Jacket”….!

‘The Hollow Crown’: A Poisoned Chalice or the Ultimate Prize?

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? Benedict Cumberbatch as Shakespeare’s Richard III ? I am currently watching the second instalment of Shakespeare’s history plays, concerning ‘The Wars of the Roses’ as interpreted by the BBC’s condensed and somewhat, contorted adaptation. The first part of ‘The Hollow Crown’ covered Shakespeare’s history plays: Richard II, Henry…

Shakespeare’s Hollow Crown: The Burdens of Kingship for Plantagenet Kings

Originally posted on Giaconda's Blog:
Having just written two blogs on Henry Vth and touched on this subject, I wanted to explore Shakespeare’s re-occurring theme of the burdens of kingship in his history plays with particular reference to Richard II and Henry IV, Parts I and II and on into Henry Vth and Richard…

Plantagenet actors….?

Yesterday there was a comment on a Facebook group by a lady named Elizabeth Borson, that Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones”, is a descendant of William Catesby, Richard III’s advisor. Kit is apparently also descended from Charles II, but it is Richard’s era that is of interest to… Continue reading Plantagenet actors….?

Shakespeare’s “Richard III” being filmed at Leeds Castle….

Here is a link to a Daily Mail article (28th November 2014) about the filming of “Richard III” for the BBC2’s forthcoming TV series “The Hollow Crown”, which is based on Shakespeare’s history plays. Benedict Cumberbatch is Richard, and the filming is at Leeds Castle in Kent. The article contains a number of interesting pictures.… Continue reading Shakespeare’s “Richard III” being filmed at Leeds Castle….