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Now Henry V’s great ship has been found in the Hamble…..


Medieval fleet from Edwards IV’s ‘Descent from Rollo and The Romance of the Three Kings’ Sons, London, c.1475-85 British Library

“Historians and archaeologists have tentatively identified the location of one of medieval England’s greatest ships.

“Detailed archival and aerial photographic research carried out by British maritime historian, Ian Friel, has pinpointed a 30 metre stretch of the River Hamble near Southampton as the final resting place of one of Henry V’s largest warships – the Holigost (in modern English, the Holy Ghost).”

To read more, go here:

Some news from Henry V’s reign

Note that this was found reasonably close to the “Tudor” warship the “Mary Rose”, although this is less surprising given that Hampshire is very close to France.

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